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100% cruelty free ingredients

Skin moisturising butters and aromatic oils

Treat yourself, Relax and Unwind, let the stresses of the day just fade away…

Soaps, bath bombs, whipped creams and other delightful bathing indulgences

Here at Naturally Pampered all our products are 100% CRUELTY FREE INGREDIENTS. You will find both vegetarian and vegan friendly products across our shop, all ingredients are sourced responsibly.

We offer a variety of soaps, bath bombs, whipped creams and other delightful bathing indulgences… from beautifully coloured and aromatic soaps and fizzers to luxurious 100% organic natural traditional cold process soaps & handmade body creams & butters.

A wide variety of oils and butters are used as well in the ingredients such as goat’s milk and honey ( organic and locally sourced where possible ) and fragrance & essential oils to add extra “pampering” to each product.

Come and experience the goodness within and let the pampering begin!